Canadian Rocks Earrings

Stock # CR-E1797-15TW-10KW

Canadian Rocks CR-E1797-15TW-10KW

Canadian Rocks Earrings

Stock # CR-E1797-15TW-10KW

2X.075 RND WG I1-2/I

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Stock Number CR-E1797-15TW-10KW
Department Fashion
Type Earrings
Collection Earrings And Pendants
Material 10K White Gold

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Canadian Rocks

No wonder they call it magnetic North. The North is more than your diamond’s birthplace. It’s the heart of everything wild, beautiful and pure. The world’s mightiest rivers, pristine glaciers and jagged mountains: it’s a remote place that inspires adventure, discovery and courage. You might even find that you feel the North through your diamond. Somehow, it sparkles even brighter when you know it's from a good place. We believe that the most beautiful things should also be the most good, so we helped create the Diamond Code of Conduct. And we believe in commitment, so this is ours to you. We're the only ones who mine, cut and polish diamonds in North America. That means you know your diamond is taken good care of every step of its journey. Our goal is to be zero impact. So we meet or exceed the most stringent guidelines in the world. Our mining partners go to great lengths to take care of fish and wildlife. At one mine, when they noticed small sparrows starting to nest, they changed the plan until the small birds naturally moved on. We believe in supporting growth and independence. So we ...

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