Always always always fantastic service. Love that there is loyalty points as well. The second you step in you are warmly welcomed and all of your questions are answered with a friendly smile. You never feel small or insignificant like many jewelers can make you feel. They offer knowledgeable and ... useful advice when you are unsure about your options. I've had many different staff members and they are all so wonderful. I got my wedding band and engagement rings resized and it was done quickly and on the premises, making me feel much more comfortable about the whole thing. I've had the pleasure as well to meet Rose and Katie outside their place of work and they are simply lovely people. Will never go anywhere else for any jewelry needs! Read More
Just picked up a signet ring and the engraving is just amazing. Would recommend Taylor's to anyone.
Rose and her staff at Taylor's Jewellers are incredible! They were attentive and ensured that all my special projects were designed and made with great care! I absolutely LOVE all my new rings and earrings! Thank you for excellent customer service and stunning jewellery! I'll be shopping again soon! Read More
Before I went to Taylor’s, I had been trying to find a wedding ring for my husband at other jewellery stores and found myself dealing with pretentious attitudes or being ignored for what sales persons saw as clients with more disposable income than a newlywed-to-be. I am happy to say ... this was never the case at Taylor’s! From the moment I walked in the door of Taylor’s jewellers I was always greeted with a warm welcome by friendly staff who were genuinely interested in helping me find the perfect ring! I was fortunate enough to work with the sales person Deanna Downing who made sure the ring would be exactly what I wanted, a ring of gold mined from Canada along with an engraving my husband had chosen. I recall a moment when I was communicating how the engraving should look, and began to say it would be fine regardless. But Deanna really wanted to make sure I’d be 100% happy with the finished product, and requested three different moulds by the engraver for me to choose from to ensure we were on the same page! She truly went above and beyond her job and my expectations to make sure I would always be happy with my decision! At Taylor’s, they understand that a variety of costs and payments come with planning a wedding, and allowed me to make the purchase in increments without any additional cost to the total purchase, allowing me to be financially comfortable while balancing other wedding expenses, as well as an unexpected trip to the vet with our pet rabbit! Taylor’s jewellers completely abolished any stigma or worries I had about shopping local and not through random jewellery stores in the mall. We’ve since moved to Trenton, only visiting Alliston for special occasions with family and friends. Yet the professional quality and personal rapport both my husband and I received at Taylor’s, especially with Deanna Downing, will keep us coming back for any tokens we wish to give one another as keepsakes and memories in our future together. I would recommend Taylor’s to anyone looking to find superior jewellery they will always be happy with! Thanks again! Read More

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